Things you’ll discover that will help you recover from bankruptcy faster...


The 7 common mistakes you must avoid after filing bankruptcy—When you stop making these mistakes, your credit scores will shoot through the roof.


How to obtain a low-interest home mortgage with little down—Get the same interest rate as someone who’s never filed bankruptcy, with the lowest possible down payment.


The name and phone number of a national bank that offers the BEST low-interest Visa credit card, even if you’ve filed bankruptcy.


How to get approved for a new car loan at a single digit interest rate with little or no money down.


4 questions you must ask lenders to determine if you’ll get approved for credit before you fill out a credit application.


How to improve your credit and get reputable lenders to fight for your business—Those who don’t follow this proven recovery system will be at the mercy of predatory lenders like Crapital One, AmeriCredit, and First Premier Bank.


You don’t have to settle for a CRAPital One credit card with a lousy $300 limit, or a used car loan at 22% interest from AmeriCredit—That is NOT recovering from bankruptcy. You have better options. And it’s easier than you think.


Should you hire an organization to help improve your credit?—Discover what they don’t want you to know about their services—and how to instantly


How to remove negative information from your credit reports to increase your scores—According to a study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, over 79% of credit reports contain negative, inaccurate information. Once you remove the negative information, your scores will dramatically increase.


And much more vital information—Including helpful reference materials, referrals to “bankruptcy-friendly” lenders, and introductions to others near you who’ve successfully recovered...all with the goal of making it easier for you to improve your life after bankruptcy.