Testimonials | Chapter 13
My sincere thanks to each and every one of you for having the courage to let us use your real names.
“I’m halfway through my Chapter 13 and have control of my life once more.”
“I was completely in the hands of a system I knew nothing about (and understood even less). I was out of cash, frustrated, desperate, without direction and emotionally at the lowest point of my life. Now, I’m halfway through my Chapter 13 and have control of my life once more.”
“We were able to finance a new car with a 5.9% interest rate.”
“We went to the seminar for 13 filers and found out we weren’t alone…we could rebuild our credit, and we found people to help us. We financed a new car with $500 down and a 5.9% interest rate. We’re now saving each month. Our credit scores are over 700, and we’re currently planning our first cruise to Alaska.”
Mary-Ann and Edward
“After the seminar I purchased a brand new car last year at 8% interest and refinanced my existing mortgage at 5.3%.”
“Filing Chapter 13 was the most humiliating experience I’ve ever gone through. After the seminar I purchased a brand new car last year at 8% interest and refinanced my existing mortgage at 5.3%. The tactics and strategies I learned have helped me tremendously.”
“I'm grateful to Stephen for sharing the education and insight that can only come from personal experience.”
“I had filed for Chapter 13 in 2005 in order to avoid foreclosure, just in time for our one year wedding anniversary. I was about to settle for a high fee low limit credit cards when another offer came my way. I went to a seminar instead. I'm grateful to Stephen for sharing the education and insight that can only come from personal experience.”
“I was able to purchase a beautiful home in a gated community at 6.3%.”
“There was no other choice but to file Chapter 13…After calling the lender at the seminar, I was able to purchase a beautiful home in a gated community at a 6.3%. They checked my FICOs, and to my surprise they’d all improved to the low 700s!”
“I can’t exactly remember how I stumbled on Stephen, but thank God I did.”
“For months I sought information on how to restore my credit trying just about everything I read with very little results. In fact, I made things worse. My scores had actually gone down to the 500’s. I can’t exactly remember how I stumbled on Stephen, but thank God I did. Now my scores are all approaching 700.”
“Although, I knew what I should have been doing, his seminar gave me structure.”
“I attended one of Stephen’s seminars when he did them in person. Although, I knew what I should have been doing, his seminar gave me structure. I purchased a home. My credit score with my bankruptcy was better than some people with good credit. I was approved for a $120,000 condo at 5% interest.”
“One of my credit scores is even higher than before I had filed bankruptcy!”
“I found Stephen while doing a Google search for bankruptcy recovery information. He was with me the entire time and I couldn’t have done it without him. I never felt like I was alone in this process. Stephen shows you what you need to know and he definitely helps you recover quickly. One of my credit scores is even higher than before I had filed bankruptcy!”
“By following Stephen’s advice my credit scores average over 750.”
“I was still a skeptic. My results? I purchased a new car with a captive lender at a low interest rate, refinanced my mortgage, and obtained two unsecured bank cards. My bankruptcy filings no longer appear on my credit reports, and by following Stephen’s advice, my credit scores average over 750.”
“At first I didn’t follow Stephen’s advice because I didn’t believe the information was true.”
“At first I didn’t follow Stephen’s advice because I didn’t believe the information was true. After following the advice given, I was able to purchase a new car. I rented a new townhouse and purchased it a year later at 6%. I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with Stephen.”
“After I filed I thought to myself, what next?”
“After I filed I thought to myself, what next? I thought about going to the seminar incognito. There were so many people. I received straight advice and tons of free information. I was impressed. My background is advertising so I can recognize hype. I can say honestly that without Stephen I probably would have floundered for years.”
“For the first time in months there was a glimmer of hope.”
“When we arrived at the hotel we were astonished to see what seemed to be a thousand people waiting to get in. Hope took root and blossomed as we listened and learned. What he said made sense. We had real answers. And he had a plan that was simple and we could actually work. For the first time in months there was a glimmer of hope.”
“I’m traveling and happy again, living a peaceful life.”
“My Chapter 13 bankruptcy ruined my credit rating. Once I knew what to do…I was able to raise my credit scores 150 points, buy a new car, get new unsecured credit cards, and am generally amazed at how far I’ve come. I’m traveling and happy again, living a peaceful life, paying all my bills on time, and am able to save money.”
“Discovering Stephen has been fabulous.”
“I was injured in an automobile accident, and out of work. I was broke and I completely used up my credit cards. I was facing foreclosure on my home. I filed 13. It went okay for 4 years. Then another accident sent me to the hospital and I missed payments to the trustee. So I have filed bankruptcy twice. Discovering Stephen has been fabulous.”
“The seminar was a life changing event for me.”
“The seminar was a life changing event for me. I applied for a VISA from my credit union and to my shock—was approved. I applied through another bank and got approved again. Those two cards gave me peace of mind. For the first time I felt empowered. How do you repay someone for something so great? Words alone are not enough.”
“I just bought a new home with a 5% interest rate.”
“I was skeptical. I expected there’d be a lot of hype and high pressure to buy books, or other high-priced items. I went anyway. Wow! I was blown away. I just bought a new home with a 5% interest rate. My lender told me he’d never seen a credit score this high so soon after a Chapter 13.”
“I can honestly say I have fully recovered from my bankruptcy.”
“I was determined to recover and get back on my feet. I acted upon the information in the seminar and began putting my finances and credit in order. My improved credit scores allowed me to acquire financing for my business, home and vehicle. Today, my life is great. I now own two businesses, several homes and vehicles. I can honestly say I have fully recovered from my bankruptcy.”
“Before I was even discharged from my Chapter 13 my scores were in the 700s.”
“I signed up for the seminar, which I thought was going to be so boring…and some kind of gimmick. I got there and realized that it was truly a blessing. Before I was even discharged from my Chapter 13 my scores were in the 700s.”
New Jersey
“I thank you for writing your book on Credit After Bankruptcy. In 2001 my husband and I had to declare bankruptcy chapter 13. I had to leave my high paying job due to illness, then my husband lost his high paying job. It was one of the most painful experiences we had ever had during our lives, which I hope, pray and plan never to repeat. We did not save for the unknown. We had to sell our newly built home. We were only in it for nine months. I read your book in 2002. In February of 2003, just nine months after our discharge, I got the nerve to inquire about some new condos. We got the go-ahead to apply for an FHA loan. Our closing date is scheduled for December 2003! I want to thank you for the big role your book is still taking in our efforts to learn from our mistakes and substitute better habits with handling our finances.”
Puerto Rico
September 5, 2003
“I was laid off from my job as a medical technologist in 1996. I had to sell my home. Because my next job paid less than half of what I was earning, I declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 1998. It was paid off about four years later. Meanwhile, I was turned down for store credit at Best Buy and Circuit City. That was before I attended your seminar. I did qualify for a mortgage in 2005 and bought the condo I was renting. Long story short, I got my FICO scores on April 21, 2007. To my surprise, they are: Equifax-806, TransUnion-817 and Experian-824! I have never had such high scores, even before bankruptcy. My income is still lower than it was when I was working at the hospital, but I don't feel deprived financially and I can pretty much have whatever I want. (Fortunately, I don't have fancy tastes.) I enjoy your newsletters and just wanted to share with you and your readers that by just hanging in there and making sure no payments are ever late, you can be successful in overcoming you worst financial situations.”
April 25, 2007
“I wanted to share my story just in case someone else out there can relate. When I attended the free Credit After Bankruptcy seminar in February 2002 my FICO score was just above 560. Although I had responsibly paid off my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy 3 years ahead of schedule I was still unable to qualify for an unsecured credit card and had little hope of owning a home. After just under two years, I was able to raise my FICO score above 700 and have just closed escrow on my first home!”
December 10, 2004
“Just wanted you to know that after 6 months from discharge of a Chapter 13, my wife and I were able to obtain a new car loan with an interest rate of 4.9% through a captive lender. Had it not been for attending your seminar we would not have known to use them. We were able to take advantage of an employer discount and end of year rebates and also managed to purchase a 2007 vehicle for almost $3200 below sticker price. Also our credit scores are about 20 points shy of being at 700.”
December 28, 2006
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the wonderful seminar we attended recently. I took my husband with me and we're really glad we made it to the meeting. There was a lot of information that we didn't know before on credit and where to go for help. After the seminar we felt a great relief for all the information we received, especially when it was free. I didn't buy the book that day but I just ordered it today online. Thank you so much for helping. We just mailed in the form for our free credit reports from the three credit reporting bureaus. We filed Chapter 13 September 2005, but we are already in the process of working towards building our credit. We know we will be able to recover and start again with a great lifestyle because of your effort and your help. Thank you once again.”
May 23, 2006
“Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. You are a lifesaver and you turned my life around and gave me hope when I was in despair. I have come so far and I owe a big part to you.”
February 19, 2009
“Thank you so much for gathering this information for those of us in this position. Again, thank you so much for the work you're doing......I just got out of Chapter 13.  It took me 5 years to pay off what I owed, and I didn't know where to go from here.  I thought I'd have to put up with high interest loans, and sort of just 'bite the bullet' until I earned the trust of the lending community once again. ”
September 13, 2003
“As many people have said, YOU are a Godsend. I felt as if I drug my husband to your seminar. He was glad that we attended after we received so much useful information. As for myself, I took a chance and applied for a Dell card because I so desperately needed a computer while I was in chapter 13. They gave me a credit limited of $1500. I made much more than the minimum payment on time for 7 months. During the course of paying off my computer I converted to a Chapter 7. I did much research on finding an unsecured credit card to apply for. I found the right one, applied on line and again received a $1500 credit limit. Two days ago I received my discharge letter and my new credit card arrived in the mail. I'm not sure of what my scores are now because I was waiting for my discharge before I ordered them. Now that I have my credit card I plan to wait a month before I order my scores. Thanks for helping us to get back on the road to recovery. P.S. when I received my scores in Dec. 2006 they were 589, 614, 654 after my conversion they dropped by about 70 points. By the end of Jan. 2007 they were 586, 589 and 604. I can't wait to see what they are in a month.”
March 28, 2007
“We filed a Chapter 13 in November of 2001. We made our monthly payments faithfully, all the while juggling to pay all of our other bills on time. My husband and I attended your seminar in January 2005 and I am happy to say, met the mortgage representative that sponsored the seminar. We refinanced our house, including two mortgages and our remaining BK balance and are now saving $1200.00 a month! We got a 6.9% interest rate. We are so relieved and happy now that we have gotten this taken care of. We owe it all to you! Thanks from both of us!”
September 10, 2005
“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your unselfish desire of helping people. I was discharged from Chapter 13 bankruptcy in November 2005. After attending your seminar, reading your newsletters, and following your instructions I was able to close on my first home this month, March 2007. Thank you very much for your help. You are truly an angel.”
March 5, 2007
“Just wanted to send you a note to let you know I just viewed your seminar and I am now optimistic. I was so down in the dumps after filing chapter 13 but now I have hope and am looking forward to rebuilding my credit and my life. Before the seminar I felt like my life would be miserable for the next 10 years, but now I feel like I can do something to help my situation. You have given me hope and reassurance that my life is not over. Thank you from me and my family.”
October 21, 2007
“I attended your seminar last year and was able to come away with very valuable information. The road to full recovery is just around the corner. I appreciate your commitment to assist other individuals after a 7 or 13 filing.”
May 13, 2003
“My bankrupcy was final Aug 09 and Oct 08 I was able to get an auto loan on a 2009 Mercury Malan for 2.9 interest. That was all due to the information you have been giving us. Thank you again for bring respectability back to my life.”
October 14, 2009
“I can't tell you how much I enjoy receiving your Life After Bankruptcy newsletter. I attended your seminar in August of this year, and even though my Chapter 13 has not been discharged yet, I immediately took advantage. I am pleased to say that since that time, my FICO scores went up 12, 45 and 47 points respectively on my three credit reports. Thank you so much for bringing such awareness to us. Hopefully by this time next year, I will have my bankruptcy discharged and my FICO scores up another 100 points!”
October 20, 2005
“In the summer of 2006 you gave a seminar at the Marriott here in Jacksonville. We have followed all of your advice to the letter. You sent a newsletter about the first time home buyers program. I was intrigued and called my lawyer to see what she thought. She said it was unlikely that the trustee would approve a home purchase, however she suggested I write a letter and ask anyway. The trustee asked for a good faith estimate from a lender and you suggested. Becky got us approved and we provided that to the trustee. Believe it or not he gave us his approval.

We took our approval letter and picked a new townhome from KB Homes. They required that we apply with their lender to get $3,000.00 towards closing costs even if their lender declined us. Well, if you can believe this, Bank of America approved us at 5.75%. The loan officer said we have been so clean since starting 13 that we made it through automated underwriting on the first round and that never happens, much less to someone that is in 13. We applied for the Loan last Monday it has only been a week. He said he should have our complete approval by tomorrow. We settle on the house in November.

Because of you, my wife and I have a very bright future and we just wanted to thank you for ‘teaching us to fish’ so to speak.

Once again thank you SOOOO much!”
September 1, 2009
“I have been approved for a credit card at 0% for a year & 5.99% after. Also 5.99% permanent on another from prominent bank with $15,000 limit. My total credit available limit is well over $30,000 of which I owe nothing. Our chapter 13 was discharged just 4 1/2 years ago. We've used your guidance to get our credit score on all three reporting agencies to over 700. After 9 years of renting, we're considering a home purchase @ age 69. Many thanks.”
New York
March 7, 2008
“Thank you so much for the opportunities to attend your fabulous seminars! My husband and I first attended your seminar in 2005, just after we filed for Chapter 13. Your positive approach uplifted us, and we knew we could turn things around. In March of 2007, we were discharged from Chapter 13, and were really pleased to find that that you were holding a seminar in our new home city. It was perfect timing, as we were discussing our next steps. Once again, you gave us the very information that we needed to work on our FICO scores. I am certain that the number of lives that you have impacted is tremendous, and we applaud your work! Personally, you have definitely made all the difference in ours!”
May 2, 2007
“I don't respond to that many e-mails, but I thought it was time to share a short story of my wife and me. We filed chapter 13 in December 2000, had a credit score in early 2001 of 495, we ourselves paid the 36 payments on time. We were discharged in January 2004 and were given your book from our attorneys, which I read cover to cover. I took everything that I thought that I could use at that time and applied it. First a secured loan for $2,000 for 18 months in June 2001 then in August 2004 we were able to refinance a first mortgage (8.5%) and a second mortgage (11.5%) with a 6.95% two year ARM. My FICO at that time was 658 already just six months from discharge! Shortly there after we financed a two year old car at 6.9% for four years. In June 2006, I was approved for a credit card for $750. The real reason I'm writing this letter is because right now it is July 2006 and we are refinancing our house again for a fixed 30 year loan at 6.875% with a FICO of 710! Everything that you said has been true and has worked. My wife and I are forever grateful for your weekly newsletters, your free seminar and the book. Without them I can guarantee we would still have a much lower FICO score and still thinking that cash was the only way to go after bankruptcy. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
July 8, 2006
“I attended your meeting, but I was real skeptical and almost didn't go! I sat in the back as I wanted to get to the door without making a fuss. I listened to your pitch and almost left, but then something caught my attention: scores. I did not know that they were used to check on so many things. About half way through you had my attention. I used several of your ideas to start my comeback from two bankruptcies after a major life threatening illness, a bad divorce, and a child custody battle which ended with identity theft, and had put my credit in the bottom of the trash can! I decided right there that with your ideas on how to do things to find out what my credit actually showed! My biggest need was a home for myself and my son. I had a place that I really wanted but knew I could never have with my credit situation! I met a young lady at your seminar who was the rep. of a mortgage company. I spoke with her for a few moments and she said it would not hurt to try. I contacted her after few days and she sent me the forms and got the ball rolling. After a lot of hard work by two dedicated young women and some work on my own it comes that three months after your seminar I will be closing on my new house, 100% VA at a very competitive 30 year loan. This could not have happened without your seminar and introduction to the mortgage rep. Believe it or not, I am still only three years into my chapter 13. That's right, I am still in bankruptcy, not even discharged and I have bought a new home, the one I wanted not the one I could settle for. I have also been given a Master Card with a $1000 limit at very good rates. My bank has also approved a $15,000 home equity line of credit. It seems that I have been able to improve my FICO scores thanks to your method and the contacts you introduced me to. I found that I climbed out of my hole and learned to make things work for me and not against me. I don't know how to thank you and those great ladies at the mortgage company. It has changed my life so much, you can't believe the change in just three months! It is finally my turn to recover and move ahead with my life, thanks to you and great people you have introduced me to! Oh yes, I am also disabled and no one else would look at me. I have been able to return to the office of the fat cat who told me to get lost or come back with cash! I left him with his mouth still open! NEXT is great advise! One of your patients that has been cured, and educated and will never be run over again! Keep up the good works as you are saving peoples lives and giving them hope to fight back!”
May 24, 2007
“I have learned so much from the seminar and the info that you have provided from your newsletter, please don't stop. Even though we are in chapter 13, the knowledge is that you provide us is too great to lose. Thank You.”
Randy and Teresa
December 29, 2006
“I filed chapter 13 in Dec 2000 and recovered thanks to you.
Thanks again for all that you are doing for us ‘confused’ financially strapped average Americans.”
September 21, 2009
“Hey Stephen! About a year and a half ago, I got one of those invitations in the mail--some guy with a "free" seminar about bankruptcy recovery. "Yeah, right!" I said to myself, but even though I was VERY skeptical I set the invitation aside in case I wanted to go debunk this guy who was preying on those of us who were already at rock-bottom in our lives. Turns out I had a scheduling conflict and couldn't go to the seminar that time, but I started researching you online, Stephen, and there were many good things being said. I went ahead and purchased the "Credit After Bankruptcy" book secondhand in order to maximize my scant few dollars and was immediately obsessed with the simple logic that you were sharing. I immediately started working hard, VERY HARD, to do all the right things and get my credit (and life) back on track. In less than a year, my FICO scores were in the mid to upper 600's and I was moving into my own home again with a conventional 30 year mortgage at a competitive fixed rate! Goodbye gloomy apartment, hello beautiful mountain views and renewed pride in my life!!! (This was less than 3 years from my Ch. 13 filing date). This Spring (2008), one of those magical invitations again found it's way to my mailbox and this time there was no stopping me from attending your seminar. I spent over 7 hours total in my car that day getting to and from the seminar--but every minute was worth it! I literally talked my way into a front-row seat and was transfixed at the information you shared and the fact that yes, it was for real and yes, it was for FREE. I left the seminar that day with an even stronger sense of pride in myself and my capabilities to "own" my credit and financial futures. So here we are today, about 9 weeks after the seminar. I have continued to work hard and have brought all 3 FICO scores up to the 698-715 range less than 8 months after my Ch. 13 discharge. I have bought a used SUV that meets my needs and is financed at a competitive, low interest rate. I have one unsecured and one partially secured credit card that I am managing in order to further build my credit scores. My goal is to have all 3 FICO scores to at least 750 by next March and refinance my home at that point to an even lower interest rate and at a 15-20 year term instead of the current 30 years and then start banking the money saved into savings or investment property. Stephen, please take my testimony as the highest compliment possible for what you do to help each of us pull ourselves out of the deep, dark hole that bankruptcy can be when we're in the situation seemingly "alone". I learned many valuable lessons from your book and your seminar, but my favorite lesson has to be that "NO" really means "NEXT"--I love the empowerment that a little preplanning and the "NO" vs. "NEXT" attitude can bring about!!! (In my case, that was my SUV and the two credit cards that I otherwise would have given up on with the first "NO" to each effort as the cloud of BK would have continued to hang over my head!) I almost LIKE hearing someone tell me "NO" now on the first round as it then becomes a personal challenge to me to achieve what someone has told me can't be done!!! Anyway Stephen, feel free to share any (or all) of my story and God bless you for the mission you are on to help so many of us recover from bankruptcy and what at the time seems like very dire straits.”
North Carolina
May 14, 2008
“Three years ago, I filed chapter 13. I was devastated, but purchased your book off the internet and started the slow path to recovery. Three years later, I have a house with a great rate (first time homebuyer almost a year ago) and a credit card and some good credit by following the steps in your book, starting off slow, being honest, and realistic. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. The book saved me and gave me hope when none was left. My past is behind me and only the future ahead.”
January 17, 2002
“Stephen, I about fell out of my chair this morning 6/21/2007. I was approved for a unsecured loan from my insurance company's lending division/bank at the BEST rate they offer to anyone. Let's backup to 2001, Oct 24; that's the day my attorney filed the Voluntary Petition a.k.a. (as he put it) credit card hell. Since it was a simple Chapter 7, I was DISCHARGED in Feb 2002. About a year later I got this strange postcard in the mail from some folks at the After Bankruptcy place. Ok, so how do these people know I filed bankruptcy and what are ALL these other people doing here? Yep, I went to the seminar. One of the BEST things I did. I've not been the model student, because I've still have a few late payments. But, the one that really "smacked me up-side-the-head" was the house payment that went 30 days late, I SWEAR I paid it. I called them and got it caught up and paid the late fees. Then I got setup on automatic payments, never late again. Another thing I've been doing is making darn sure I get everything paid on time, doesn't matter what it is. I now have 4 credit cards; VISA, MASTERCARD, Sam's club and Walmart. Plus the house payment and 2nd mortgage/revolving line of credit (aka HUGE CREDIT CARD and yes, that's exactly what it looks like on all 3 reports). So, back to the present; Saturday I stopped at the dealership because I drive a pickup truck that gets about 13 MPG and I'm looking around at the zoom-zoom bikes. I see one that very nice looking and the salesman tells me that it will get at LEAST 60 MPG, plus they are offering incredible special financing to anyone that can sign their name (12.95% for like 27 years or something). So, I checked around, bank (9.75%) and the insurance agent 8.89% or 9.19%. Ok, that's not bad. So, I filled out the application and they submitted it to underwriting on Tuesday. Yesterday morning, loan approved, when do you want to come in to close and sign the paperwork? Oh, and by the way, you got our best rate 7.49%. I was all smiles after that. But, I had to take a blank voided check in this morning to setup the automatic pay plan. So, I asked her, can you tell me which credit report service(s) you used and what the score(s) were? They used Equifax and it was ... DRUM ROLL ... 772 !!! I had to have a 770 to get into tier 1. So...if you are in CREDIT-CARD-HELL: #1 Listen to Stephen. #2 review step #1. Seriously; get things paid on time every time, avoid the 38 mistakes that I made (like turning your house into a gigantic credit card), monitor your scores and your reports for WRONG stuff, and most of all keep the faith. It will get better.”
June 21, 2007
“Thank you for your wonderful seminar and your weekly newsletters, which continue to reinforce the information you gave us and keep us on our toes. My husband and I are in the final months of our Chpt 13 payment plan and we now have an action plan for moving forward once our discharge comes through. In addition, we've learned that bankruptcy is not the end of our financial life. In fact, it is a brand new beginning! Thanks to you and your organization, we are no longer ashamed to admit our mistakes, and we have the tools to ensure that we'll never go through anything like this again. Thank you for giving us hope.”
January 10, 2007
“I have trimmed all the extras from our lifestyle that we can do without. I am 2 years into bankruptcy - I visited one of your meetings right after my bankruptcy. My score is now over 600, but I am a slow learner. I go over these pages from your e-mails and try to absorb as much as possible. It has helped me a lot. Thank you so much.”
December 27, 2006
“I had a credit card that I reopened just before filing my Chapter 13.. I have kept it and had the credit line increased every six months since attending your class. I applied for a 8.9% platinum card at a credit union I haven’t dealt with in a few years. They approved it! $7,500 credit limit, which is what I asked for. I am also approved for a 36 month loan at 8.95% on my new car. Looks like life is back to normal now. My wife’s new car in November was financed at 0%”
February 13, 2002
“We filed Chapter 13 in 2001. We paid it off early and thought it would help us in getting credit - hah! We attended your seminar here last May 2005. We ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! It was so helpful - and still is. We soak up info from your newsletters and keep plugging away. We tried several different avenues to get credit but got turned down. We were even turned down for a $200.00 overdraft protection on our checking account because of the bankruptcy! Anyway, our 1999 Dodge Intrepid - great car - which we thought would last another 3-5 years - broke down! The engine - completely gone. The repair cost would have been about $7,000. At first, we were devastated! We (Hubby & I)were already sharing the vehicle. After a few tears, I realized that God ALWAYS provides ALL of our needs! We decided to try out what we learned at your seminar about buying a car. The next morning we called the dealership that came to your seminar. We charted out how to get there by bus, bought our tickets and away we went. We went directly in, told him we were interested in what he had to offer, told him our situation, then ask him what he could do for us. Well, he did his calculations, etc. then took us out to meet a sale rep., to look at a few cars while he got in touch with the lender. She had us drive a couple of vehicles. We really liked this new car, 6 cylinder, red...but we were so scared of what the credit manager would say. So we went back in to speak with him. He kept saying to us that "people don't usually see him first...really kinda weird how this is turning out...unusual that he was able to speak to the head of the lending department, who usually doesn't handle this part of transactions...." He told us we were approved for the 2007 car we wanted!!! The lender would finance us at 0% financing. AWESOME! They treated us like gold. Took our picture with the car.... treated us like wealthy people. It was great! We drove away in our brand new red car! First, We Thank God! Then, We Thank You Stephen for ALL you are doing. The value of you, your teaching, and what you do for people is great beyond words or wealth! THANK YOU!”
Kenny and Valerie
January 30, 2007
“I attended your seminar yesterday and was quite impressed. Am currently in Chapter 13 and have 23 months till my bankruptcy is discharged. The biggest thing that impressed me was that you only had a $30 book which I took a gamble on and am now reading and refreshing myself with your ideas instead of some $1,800 program to prepare me for wealth. You folks posed some questions I'd never thought to ask. I was impressed enough with your information that I am sending a second copy of your book to a friend who will be going through a divorce and bankruptcy simultaneously. In any event thanks for your material and I look forward to hearing of your continued success.”
October 11, 1998
“Thank you so much! I know that you are God sent. This bankruptcy (ch 13) issue was not setting good in my husband and I spirit. With this information I believe that we are on the road to recovery. My husband and I attended the seminar that was held on March 17, 2007. God Bless you and your family!”
March 22, 2007
“Just wanted to send you a personal thank-you for helping us. We received our secured card. We also refinanced with the mortgage company you recommended, and with the refinancing, it shaved about 12 months off of my bankruptcy, so I'll be finished this July!!! We are so excited. What you do is more than work...it's ministry and I pray God's richest for you and Michele!! God Bless you!”
March 23, 2007
“After attending your seminar, my husband and I, who had already filed and discharged a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and were on a payment schedule on a Chapter 13, were heartened about our prospects for recovery. We also bought a new SUV using your suggestions and contacts. People must be patient and persistent in dealing with potential creditors after bankruptcy. But your book and seminar, added together with your terrific contacts, has made a couple of our most remote dreams come true. Thank you for opening our eyes to the possibilities hiding within us, and for pointing us in the right direction.”
Carla and Carlos
June 30, 1999
“My husband and I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2001. We switched to a chapter 7 that following year, and it was finally discharged in February of 2003. After going through this we didn't know where, how, when, or what to do next. Until we received a invitation to attend your seminar. After attending we got started on changing and undoing all the negative things that we had been doing. We got excellent results! I was able to purchase a house in my name alone and I did this because my husband still had some issues he need to work on. My score are in the high 600's and I am excited. Right now I am trying to get approved for a major credit card and refinance my vehicle. I will let you know how that goes in the near future. Thank You so much!”
December 28, 2006
“Well I got my reports and since I have gotten my Chap. 7 & 13 off of Equifax, my Equifax score went up 76 points! The total score went up 60 points. My middle score was 571 and now it is 631! My goal is still 729 but I am still trying and will not stop. Thank you for all the hard work you do for all of us. It really makes us feel human again which we haven't for a long time!”
April 18, 2006
“If I would have the knowledge back then that I have now, I wouldn't have put myself in a situation to file bankruptcy in the first place. I was thrilled after attending your seminar. I gave me the hope that there really could be a better financial future for me. I have purchased and just finished listening to your book on CD (Increase Your Credit Scores - Improve Your Lifestyle). It is a wealth of knowledge I hope to pass on to my daughter, so she can get started the right way. I'm making my boyfriend read/listen to help with his scores. I filed chapter 13 two years ago. I am in the process of changing to a chapter 7. My trustee wouldn't let me use the equity in my condo to pay off my chapter 13 since I was not 3 years into it, so I decided to convert and start from scratch. My scores have already grown. I have a way to go, but my goal is to buy a house and get married in 2007. I'm turning 40 in 2007 and I'm using my mid-life crisis to start my life over. With the knowledge I've gained and continue to gain, (I just bought "Think and Grow Rich") I'm going to have a great start. The future definitely looks brighter, and I have you to thank for that. I love getting your newsletters. It helps keep me on track and gives me a boost when I start feeling low. I signed up my boyfriend for the newsletter as well, so that together we can be financially strong. I have a coworker/friend that filed for bankruptcy years ago and is still having problems. I gave him the link to your website. He and his wife are very excited. I hope you continue with your newsletters and can't thank you enough for what you do and have done for me!!!”
December 28, 2006
“I recently attended your seminar. I filed a chapter 13 and it has been discharged. Your seminar has been very enlightening and encouraging. I have shared your information with my son and co-workers. Thank you very much for giving the rest of us a light at the end of our tunnel that is not the train!”
March 13, 2002
“This will sound like a broken record to you I am sure. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the free seminar. I feel so much better educated! My husband and I have two more years left on our Chapter 13 bankruptcy, but at least we are on the downhill side now. I am a credit manager and have been with my company for 20 years. The information I learned at your seminar I feel will help me to help some of my customers. I felt so much better after leaving the seminar. I was so embarrassed to file bankruptcy but my husband lost his job due to depression and I was the only one working. If we had been wiser, we would not have needed two incomes to pay our bills in the first place. In spite of it all we are going to use this experience to help others. Oh yes if you ever need any workers, give me a yell! Thanks for letting God use you to help us.”
May 25, 2006
“I just wanted to write to you and thank you for helping me and the thousands that you have helped take action to raise our FICO scores. My chapter 13 bankruptcy will be two years old in January 2006. It will be done by January 2007. I began working on my credit in August 2005. Let me tell you, I have literally seen my scores increase. My highest score in August was about 576 and recently I checked my FICO score and it is now 611. I am working my way up and thanks to you, I know that there is no way I can fail as long as I do things the right way.”
New Jersey
December 11, 2005
“Thanks to this program I began to bounce back from ch 13 BEFORE I was discharged. I tell everyone I can about Stephen and this program. Thank you!!”
September 22, 2007
“After having debated long and hard about our decision to file bankruptcy, my wife and I decided that there was no way out. We filed Chapter 13 since we couldn't afford to let one of our vehicles become repossessed. We had received an invitation to one of your seminars and took your advice. I have since ordered your book and have begun to read it. Our bankruptcy was discharged 8/07 and I just checked our FICO scores at myfico.com/12 and I am happy to say that my scores are 683/TU, 674/EQ, 687/EX and my wife's scores are even more impressive; 733/TU, 690/EQ, 706/EX. You have helped a tremendous amount, both with your advice and recommendations.”
November 25, 2007
“About 3 years ago, We received your invitation to your seminar. We sent you an email asking you if one was 1/2 way through Chapter 13 & had no money to put down on a house, could we still be able to purchase a home. We wanted to know before we wasted time attending your seminar but also we needed to find a one level house because my wife has Multiple Sclerosis. We decided to attend the seminar & we are so glad we did! We bought a repossessed home where the previous owners had damaged it. The bank selling the house had fixed everything. We got a home that has everything new in it - it's like a brand new home! We thank you for your seminar & all the information you gave us for free. Everyone said we couldn't buy a house but WE DID! We've been in our new home almost two years now. We can't thank you enough for your free seminar & all the advice, information & support for free!”
Les and Tammie
August 4, 2005
“My wife Jan and I attended your August seminar. In 1990 I lost my job when the Savings & Loan where I worked was sold to a large bank. I found another job relatively quickly, but at $30,000 less per year than I had been making. We were left with a much smaller income, two sons in college, and what little money we had in the bank was quickly spent. We came to rely on the credit lines of our credit cards to help us "get by." Soon we were hopelessly in debt, creditors and bill collectors were keeping our phone lines and mailboxes very busy, and we sought the relief by filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. We felt that we had 3-5 years to go before we could hope to begin to reestablish our credit. On the morning of the seminar we thought maybe we would be just as well to sleep in, but are we glad we made the effort to attend. We enjoyed your down-to-earth advice. We purchased and read your book, and appreciated the contacts we established at the seminar. We drove to the seminar in our nine year old car that had 160,000 plus miles on it with no thought of getting another auto in the near future, but decided to step out and make a commitment to begin to re-establish our credit. We filled out a card from the car dealership present at your seminar and they contacted us on Monday. By Wednesday we drove home our new truck just one week from the date of the seminar. The staff at the dealership treated us with courtesy and dignity. I suspect that they sold more than one vehicle to the Biggs' family that day, because we will certainly return when the proper time comes. Thank you for introducing us to them. Jan drives the new truck and thanks you every day!!”
Carl and Jan
October 4, 1999
“I read the book from cover to cover in about a week. I followed the advice, and got copies of my credit reports from the three major credit reporting agencies...even with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy on my credit report I since have received four unsecured credit cards, a personal loan from my credit union for $2600 and $1000 overdraft protection from the same credit union. Thanks for everything.”
November 17, 2002
“I was so impressed with your seminar this morning, that I wanted to write and thank you. I went just to check it out, hoping to find something that I could use, but not expecting much. We spoke during the break in the morning session, about my discharge of Chapter 7- March 1997, but I was now in the 3rd month of 54 month Chapter 13 due to taxes. You joked about it being a Chapter 20. I was impressed that you took the time to talk to people, and that you shook my hand. You are an genuine, entertaining speaker, offering real help, and delivering what you promise, which is very rare and unexpected in this day and age. I did come away with a lot of points that I can use. I am using my bankruptcy as a teaching tool for my boys. They are aware of our financial situation, because they are very much a part of it. Better things are planned. Thank you. Bless you.”
June 19, 1998
“Thank you so much for this opportunity. By following the instructions from your books/study program, ALL my scores have risen 70 points or more since I was discharged from my Chap 13 in February 2007. Stephen - I want you to know you have truly been a blessing in my life. I found your book on Amazon right after I filed BK in 2004. I've been to two of your seminars. Thanks for all you do - you bring hope and freedom to people who otherwise wouldn't know where to turn.”
October 4, 2007
“Thanks again for your Chapter 13-specific publication! I'm one of those whose income blocked the option of filing Chapter 7 (according to three different lawyers), and agree with you completely that Chapter 13 is an all-around raw deal when it comes to bouncing back after discharge. Happily, I'm now at the tail end of this journey. I filed 13 in May 2004 and was discharged in January of 2008, having paid 100% of my (almost entirely medical-related) debt. My present FICO scores are in the 690 range, and I'll be using this new book to work toward my next goal of 740.

Thanks as always, Stephen! Your help over the years has been immeasurable.”
October 13, 2009
“My name is Deneen and my husband and I attended your seminar. We filed Chapter 13 in August 1997 and we converted to Chapter 7 on May 5, 1999. We were so blessed to be in attendance. Your presentation was superb! After the seminar, we seriously starting taking steps to fully recover. We can't thank you enough for all the information we received in your four hour seminar.”
August 10, 1999
“I e-mailed you a few months ago to see what the best dealership was in our area. We had a Chapter 7 about five years ago and our Chapter 13 was just discharged 12/1/05 I just wanted to let you know that we went to the dealership that sponsored your seminar and within an hour, we were approved by a captive lender and got a two year lease on a 2006 suv! The interest rate was only 2% and the payment is affordable. Thank you so much for your advice! We have never had a new car before and are just thrilled!”
March 1, 2006
“I don't know if my story qualifies as a "success," but a year ago I wouldn't have thought I could qualify for a mortgage, let alone be able to actually buy a home. I declared Chapter 13 bankruptcy in September, 1998 and the case was discharged in April 2003. In January 2004 I asked an acquaintance who is a mortgage broker if I could qualify for a mortgage. She told me I already qualified! I closed on August 24, 2005. If I hadn't attended your seminar I never would have thought to even ask about a mortgage, let alone be a homeowner. Thank you, Stephen, for your program and the encouraging newsletters.”
August 31, 2005
“I attended your seminar in October 2006. I don't know why I received an invitation, but it was one of the best things that ever happened to my wife and I. We were 18 months into a chapter 13 bankruptcy, living in a house that we DID NOT like, and our 11 year old van had just blew the engine. Even after reserving our place at the seminar, I was considering voluntarily dropping out of the bankruptcy and dealing with our creditors myself. You see even though we filed bankruptcy 6 months before I received an unexpected promotion and doubled my salary, no one would help us and we could not do anything without approval form our trustee. I felt like a little kid in time out for having bad credit. After I attended your seminar, I felt like there was hope. Here's my success story. We started to apply some of the things we learned from you. Within 3 months my median FICO score went from 545 to 620 with my high score at 640. After 5 months I contacted the suggested lender and applied for a refinance mortgage on our property to use the equity to pay off our bankruptcy. I just received conformation that we are approved for a mortgage at 6.75% and all the needed steps that the trustee requires the lender to do have been completed. All we are waiting for is the courts to process the paper work. I had one unsecured credit card when I started. Over the last six months my credit card company have doubled my line of credit and offered me another credit card with a matching line of credit. I'm sure that we have only seen to tip of the iceberg with all that has happened for us since attending your seminar. We appreciate so much all the advice you have given and I will be adding to my success story shortly.”
March 14, 2007
“Thank you Stephen, the seminar was great and this list of resources is even better. My impatience with this chapter 13 and my perceived gloomy timeline for recovery was getting me down. You've given me the way to turn it around quickly. Let the fun begin...finally!”
North Carolina
March 28, 2007